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CV Preparation


The first and sometimes, only representation that you have of yourself to a potential employer (your skills, your blood, sweat and tears over the years) is in the content and presentation of your CV.

Let’s take an example… if you present yourself at a wedding in a tracksuit and a hoodie… the first impression of others (before you even speak) is that you are not suitably dressed and they automatically (without getting to know you or your situation) assume that you are in the wrong place, gate-crashed or simply didn’t care.

YOU represent YOU. In your absence, your reputation represents you. In place of you in a job application, your CV represents you.

A CV is a testament to your education, your experience and your initiatives throughout employment and throughout life. It needs to be presented clearly, in a manner that can easily be followed, read and understood and it must be factual.

A good CV can be the difference between getting the opportunity of an interview and not.

Martina will sit and chat to you about a job/area you want to work in; she will go through your history of experience and training and seek out what is important and she will look for initiatives… don’t worry… you will have initiatives i.e. stuff you did and you never realized you did it! She will then draft up a CV and a Cover letter … you will come back to her office and go through it with her and make sure you are happy with it. Martina will then email it to you with some tips on how to send it out … she will be there to support you along the way if needed.

A good CV is your first step to securing the job that you want. And it’s up to you.