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Interview Techniques


Interviews are similar to the tracksuit and hoodie (see CV section!) in that how you present yourself, tells a lot about you, it’s the first impression someone gets of you.  And then it comes to talking! You need to practice your new skill in interview techniques; answering questions but at the same time, slipping in examples about your general suitability for this job. There are a number of small tricks that can make your interview easier… one trick of course, is practice! Practice being in an interview, listen to your answers and judge how well you have answered the questions that you have said out loud to yourself.

Martina will take you through your questions but bearing in mind, she is not interested in the particular questions you will be asked but rather the ‘technique’ you use to answer the questions. Therefore, if you are thrown an unusual question, you will be able to answer that question as well as any other… it’s all about how you think! So whilst you might think that a question like ‘Tell me about yourself’ can be a complicated minefield, Martina will show you the structure to answering this question and will show you how to bring the interviewers along with you… keeping your answers interesting, factual and reflective of your suitability for this position. The Interview Techniques is for just over one hour.